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The Post Shop - Photography Production and Post Production Company located in San Francisco, CA. Our team has a combined 15 years experience in working and building relationships with an extensive array of discerning clientele. From large Fortune 500 corporations to small boutique companies, The Post Shop will take on your projects and make them thrive. First class, full service and a la carte creative content production, management and delivery are just some of the services we offer.


Tuesday Tips - VSCO CAM | Camera & Photo Editing App

The Post Shop

BEFORE | iPhone 5: No Filter. 

BEFORE | iPhone 5: No Filter. 

AFTER | VSCO CAM G3 Filter +7: crop, temperature -1, contrast +1, fade +1, saturation -2 & sharpen +1. 

Looking for a great app to easily edit a photo on your phone to post to Instagram or Facebook? The VSCO Cam app is a great one that I use to edit my iPhone photos. The app offers a wide range of stock filters but their easy-to-use interface is what I love. It has a vast amount of tools which include adjusting exposure, temperature, contrast, rotation, crop, saturation, fade and sharpening. You can either take photos through the app or take a photo from your regular camera app and import the photo into VSCO Cam – which is what I usually do. The best thing about the app is that it is free and available on both Android & iOS. Download the VSCO Cam app here.

What are your favorite tools to use for editing your photos on your phone?

VSCO CAM G5 Filter +9: exposure -2, temperature -2, fade +3, saturation -3 & sharpen +1. 

VSCO CAM: exposure +2, temperature -1, contrast +2, saturation -1 & sharpen +1. iPhone Fade Filter.

VSCO CAM F2 Filter +7: exposure -1, temperature -2, rotate, fade +4, vignette +1, saturation -1 & sharpen +1. 

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