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The Post Shop - Photography Production and Post Production Company located in San Francisco, CA. Our team has a combined 15 years experience in working and building relationships with an extensive array of discerning clientele. From large Fortune 500 corporations to small boutique companies, The Post Shop will take on your projects and make them thrive. First class, full service and a la carte creative content production, management and delivery are just some of the services we offer.



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The Post Shop x Local Photographer: John Merkl

The Post Shop

Photographer: John Merkl for SFC&G | Post Production: The Post Shop

Photographer: John Merkl for SFC&G | Post Production: The Post Shop

We're proud to be a San Francisco based company and love working with local photographers. John Merkl's photography of San Francisco's new restaurant, Petit Crenn, is featured in San Francisco Cottages & Gardens. We can't wait to swing by the restaurant and see how the space looks in person.  

ArtSpan SF Open Studios | Yosemite Place

The Post Shop

We recently moved our studio to the artistic community of Yosemite Place and have been loving it so far! Every year ArtSpan puts on SF Open Studios, a month-long art event in October and November that showcases over 800 emerging and established San Francisco artists in their studios. It is ArtSpan's 40th Anniversary this year and Yosemite Place is part of Weekend 3's festivities. We will definitely be going around to all the different studios and are excited to see what other creative projects are going on in our building!

SF Open Studios Guide | MAP

The event is FREE but RVSP for a chance to win some prizes!

Throwback Thursday | Behind the Scenes

The Post Shop

This year has been flying by and we finally had a moment to reorganize some things around the studio. We revisited some old projects and came across this one we collaborated on when we first started our company. Below is a behind the scenes look of a laydown project we collaborated on the the talented team of – Photographer, Matt Sartain and Stylists, Laurel Elizabeth & Alysia Andriola. Enjoy!

post production: The Post Shop | photographer: Matt Sartain | stylists: Laurel Elizabeth & Alysia Andriola

post production: The Post Shop | photographer: Matt Sartain | stylists: Laurel Elizabeth & Alysia Andriola

Urban Air Market – Sunday Sept 13th

The Post Shop

If you are looking for some inspiration or just want to shop, take a stroll through the Urban Air Market this weekend! This pop up marketplace is full of local designers and will be in Hayes Valley this Sunday, September 13th from 11am-6pm. There's something for every creative soul – fashion, art, jewelry and more.

Here's a glimpse of the talented vendors that we are looking forward to checking out. Hope to see you guys there!

Which vendors are you looking forward to checking out? 


The Post Shop

Marine Layer has ventured into print for their Weekend Journal #1 and created a whole new shopping experience. I love sipping on coffee, thumbing through catalogs and taking a break from technology. This got me off me out of the house and into the Marine Layer store where I picked up one of their "Sofest, Best, Most Perfect Tees". Love to see that print is still thriving!

– Laura Howard

– Laura Howard


The Post Shop

Ed Ruscha,  A Particular Kind of Heaven , 1983 – on display at de Young Museum

Ed Ruscha, A Particular Kind of Heaven, 1983 – on display at de Young Museum

Museums are great. They are even better when they are free! Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month and a couple of museums in San Francisco offer free admission. If you luckily have the day off tomorrow or can take a long lunch break, be sure to swing by one or two of these awesome places for inspiration and visual engagement. The Yerba Buena Center of the Arts is open until 8pm tomorrow so you can even swing by after work!

de Young Museum First Tuesday 9:30am-5:15pm

Conservatory of Flowers First Tuesday 10am-4:30pm

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts First Tuesday 12pm-8pm

Contemporary Jewish Museum First Tuesday 11am-5pm 


Rustee Pace at SF Open Studios

The Post Shop

Looking to glam it up and check out some cool artists and craftspeople? This Saturday and Sunday is the beginning of SF Open Studios and the first showcase of the Rustee Pace collection. We recently collaborated with Rustee Pace and Mike Danielson on a photo shoot for their new jewelry line, Rustee Pace. Below is a sneak peak of some of the great pieces that they will be showing this weekend.




To see more, visit Rustee and Mike this weekend at 1 Rankin Street #414. We will definitely be popping in and we hope to see you there!

SF Open Studios Weekend 1:
October 18 & 19, 11am-6pm
Hunters Point Shipyard & Islais Creek Studios
1 Rankin Street, San Francisco CA
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Which local artists catch your eye?



5 San Francisco Views

The Post Shop

Sunny San Francisco – cable cars, Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf! All these are great tourist landmarks but San Francisco provides a lot more visually to enjoy and photograph. Below are five different locations we've come across in the city that showcase how beautiful it is without it's iconic landmarks. Go grab a camera and explore the city! No camera? No problem. All our shots below were taken with just an iPhone. It doesn't need to be sunny for San Francisco to be beautiful, learn to love the fog!

1. Dolores Park - Usually way too crowded but have you ever gone to the upper southwest corner of the park and stared out into the beauty that is San Francisco? Go do it. 

2. Diamond Heights - This area is filled with residential homes but if you go along O' Shaughnessy Blvd, there are plenty breathtaking views of the city to enjoy.  

3. de Young Museum Tower - The de Young Museum is great but the views from it's Hamon Education Tower Observation Deck are equally awesome. You get a 360 view of the city from the tower including Karl the Fog in all his glory.

4. Ocean Beach - San Francisco is not always sunny but on those days when you can brace the winds, swing out to Ocean Beach. Instead of looking out into the water, turn around and enjoy the city for it's beauty.

5. Sutro Baths - Sunsets are always a great way to end a day and this location is one of the best in the city to enjoy one. Nature in San Francisco in it's most simplistic and gorgeous form. 

What are your favorite places in San Francisco?

Friday Nights at OMCA

The Post Shop

Looking for something creative and fun to do on a Friday night? Go check out Friday Nights @ OMCA (Oakland Museum of California)! Being visually driven, we are always looking for new ways to invoke imaginative ideas and get the creative juices flowing. One of the best ways for us is visiting local galleries and museums for inspiration. 

Recently we went to OCMA on a Friday night with a few friends to check out the last weekend of the SuperAwesome: Art & Giant Robot exhibit. We started out by grabbing a few bites from the food trucks of Off The Grid which was set up adjacent to the museum. We sat on the steps in OMCA's mini amphitheater while visitors were dancing to the live music on stage. After, we headed into the exhibits for some awesome art with a lot of local artists featured. One of my favorite pieces was David Choe's Bird Flu which took up an entire wall in the exhibit. A lot of the displays were interactive which made it a lot more enjoyable than your regular museum. We spent a few hours wandering the exhibits and also exploring the spaces inside and outside of the museum. The architecture of the building with the rooftop garden and views of Oakland were an added plus to the great art.

David Choe Bird Flu, 2014

Barry McGee Untitled, 2010

It's a great time for creatives of all ages. Activities are planned for adults and kids ranging from family-friendly dance lessons, food demos from local eateries and art workshops. There are also cash bars through out the museum for the adults. It's every Friday night and this Friday's event will feature river rock painting, live Cuban music and a snack size docent tour.

Friday Nights @ OMCA: 5-9pm. Half priced gallery admission for adults. Ages 18 and younger are FREE.  


The Post Shop

Haven't read a good book in a while? Looking for some creative inspiration? IGNORE EVERYBODY! This week on Tuesday Tips, we'll be recommending a book for you to read –Hugh Macleod's "IGNORE EVERYBODY: and 39 other keys to creativity".

"When Hugh MacLeod was a struggling young copywriter living in a YMCA, he started to doodle on the backs of business cards while sitting at a bar. Those cartoons eventually led to a popular blog—Gaping Void—and a reputation for pithy insight and humor, in both words and pictures." 

The book offers insightful and realistic advice for anyone with a creative passion, goal or dream. The advice he gives may not directly relate to all you but you get to understand the meaning behind it to apply it to your dream or goal.

Chapters of the book include :
"If your business plan depends on suddenly being "discovered" by some big shot, your plan will probably fail"
"Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten"
"Being Poor Sucks"
"None of this is rocket science"

After reading the book the first time, it got my creative juices flowing and pushed me forward in realizing a few of my personal and professional dreams. It's witty, honest, blunt but optimistic in the way of presenting all the facts. It's an easy read and I am in the process of reading it again. You can buy Hugh Macleod's "IGNORE EVERYBODY: and 39 other keys to creativity" online but I walked over to my local book store, The Green Apple and picked it up there. Support your local businesses! – Jayson. 

What books help you in your creative process? 

Tuesday Tips - VSCO CAM | Camera & Photo Editing App

The Post Shop

BEFORE | iPhone 5: No Filter. 

BEFORE | iPhone 5: No Filter. 

AFTER | VSCO CAM G3 Filter +7: crop, temperature -1, contrast +1, fade +1, saturation -2 & sharpen +1. 

Looking for a great app to easily edit a photo on your phone to post to Instagram or Facebook? The VSCO Cam app is a great one that I use to edit my iPhone photos. The app offers a wide range of stock filters but their easy-to-use interface is what I love. It has a vast amount of tools which include adjusting exposure, temperature, contrast, rotation, crop, saturation, fade and sharpening. You can either take photos through the app or take a photo from your regular camera app and import the photo into VSCO Cam – which is what I usually do. The best thing about the app is that it is free and available on both Android & iOS. Download the VSCO Cam app here.

What are your favorite tools to use for editing your photos on your phone?

VSCO CAM G5 Filter +9: exposure -2, temperature -2, fade +3, saturation -3 & sharpen +1. 

VSCO CAM: exposure +2, temperature -1, contrast +2, saturation -1 & sharpen +1. iPhone Fade Filter.

VSCO CAM F2 Filter +7: exposure -1, temperature -2, rotate, fade +4, vignette +1, saturation -1 & sharpen +1. 

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Behind The Scenes: The Post Shop | Studio Jams

The Post Shop

From Dolly Parton to Jay Z – at The Post Shop, we're always taking turns blasting our playlists to get the creative juices flowing. We're excited to share our first official studio playlist - The Post Shop | Studio Jams - Vol. 1. Just something we thought would help you ease into your Manic Monday. Take a listen below and if you don't have Spotiify yet, download it for free here. Look out for another playlist next week. 

What's your favorite song or artist to listen to during work?

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Paperless & Fabulous! ModCloth's New Style Book

The Post Shop

ModCloth's premiere issue of their digital magazine, The Style Book is out and we love it! It's clever mix of style, design and photography really engages the reader. It's playful layout is interactive – navigating the consumer to shop their website fluidly, read inspiring tips from their blog and download their app with ease. The ModStylists give fashion, beauty and design tips plus ModCloth buyers model their favorite looks.

The Bike Pretty advice is a must-read for all you SF bike commuters out there. One of our favorite spreads is The Little White Dress – with the simple variations in styling along with the muted palette with pops of color in the accessories. Our latest and greatest purchase was their Supper Hero apron – Laura picked up the Wonder Woman Apron. Go check out the paperless and fabulous magazine HERE.

Which was your favorite spread?

Tuesday Tips - Frame Up!

The Post Shop

"Look Up" - Jayson Cheung, 2014. The Post Shop | Tuesday Tips - iPhoneography

Frame Up! This week on Tuesday Tips, we'll be talking about framing a photo and being aware of the elements in your frame – especially the lines that appear in your shot. What you see with your eyes becomes slightly different in a viewfinder or on the screen of your iPhone. There is a conscious decision when you take a photo to capture a scene or a moment – and it includes factors such as where to frame it, what to include in it and from what angle.

When taking a photo, look at a scene from different angles and walk around. Try taking photos from different positions and experiment with your composition. A quick step to the right or a slight crouch can drastically change the feel and angle of your photo. Take a few photos close up, then take a few steps back and snap some from that angle. If you're taking pictures up close of an item, try an overhead shot and then from many different angles and distance. Notice where the shadow falls and try not to have your shadow in the picture unless it is fully intentional. 

Notice that the Seattle Space Needle is in the center focus and that the left and right side of the image is balanced even though there are different elements on each side. 

This framed picture is a frame within a frame. Notice that the metal bars of the Muni bus is parallel to the frame of this picture giving the picture more intent. 

When taking photos of landscapes or items with a rigid structure, be aware of the horizontal and vertical lines in the scene. Having your photos purposely straight or angled frames it so it is more appealing to the eye. It creates an intent for the photo. When you are taking a picture of something specific with a central point of focus, make sure your sides are all balance in space. 

The focus here is central with all sides - top, right, bottom and left all balanced. The horizontal and vertical lines line up to the frame of the picture.

With practice, you'll figure out a framing style and feel to the pictures you want to capture. Digital cameras and iPhones have made it easier for photographers to take and test many different framing styles since you're not limited to the amount of photos you can take with film. Take plenty of photos and you can always delete them afterwards! Another tip is that you can always change framing of a photo by cropping the picture later. However being aware of all the elements in your frame will deliver more of an intent in your photos.

What goes through your mind when you take a photo?

Tuesday Tips - The iPhoneography Edition

The Post Shop

"Ocean Beach" - Jayson Cheung, 2014. The Post Shop | Tuesday Tips - iPhoneography

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, where we'll be sharing weekly photography tips every Tuesday!

iPhones have made it a lot easier for everyone to be an amateur photographer. Whether you're snapping pics for yourself or posting it to Facebook or Instagram, here are a few simple tricks that can easily elevate your iPhoneography. 

Lighting & Focus | Tapped screen to focus on the water droplets. 

1. Lighting & Focus - Tapping on different areas of your screen focuses and adjusts the exposure on your picture. This simple task helps you to quickly decide the lighting and focus of your photo. Be sure to hold your iPhone still when taking your photos! 

HDR | Used to enhance the gradient in the sky from the sunset. 

2. HDR (High Dynamic Range) - HDR helps make landscapes more vivid and helps in situations of low light or if something is backlit. You'll notice that it takes a little longer since it is actually taking 3 photos in different exposures and layering them into one photo to create a more dynamic ratio of light to dark. It's not always useful – in cases where there is high motion or it makes your photo so vivid that it looks fake. HDR easily be turned off and on at the top of your screen. You also have the option to keep both a normally exposed photo and an HDR version if you go into Settings > Photos & Camera > Keep Normal Photo. 

Filters | 'Mono' filter used. 

Zoom | Stood over the table on a chair and physically zoomed in and out to achieve the frame.

3. Filters - The newest iPhone OS upgrade came with built-in camera filters. This is an easy way to play with your photos to create very different aesthetics. You can either shoot your photos with a set Filter or adjust afterwards. As a personal preference, I like using the Fade Filter on my photos. 

4. Zoom - Do not use the iPhone zoom unless you can't move physically closer. At the end of the day, your iPhone is still a phone and has its limits. The quality of a zoomed in photo is not as good as if you just physically got closer to the object/scene you are trying to photograph. 

What tips do you have for iPhoneography?