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Ready, Set, ACTIONS!

The Post Shop

Welcome to The Post Shop's first blog post! We'll be posting a variety of posts here every week including tutorials, camera tricks and anything we can think of. This first post is a short intro tutorial into setting up an easy Action in Photoshop. 

Actions in Photoshop are a great way to save some time while easily enhancing your photos. With one click of an Action, you can save yourself many tedious steps! The first image above is the original and the second image is the same image after some subtle adjustments. Below is a step by step tutorial to create some contrast and increase saturation in your photos. Written instructions are below the step by step screenshots that you can click through. 

1. When you open up Photoshop, the Actions window should be on the upper right hand side of your workspace. If it is not, you can open the window by going to Windows > Actions. 

2. Create a new folder by clicking the folder icon and you can name it whatever you want but I will name mine as "Enhance Photos".

3. After creating the folder, you can click on the New Action icon to the right of the folder icon to record and create your Action. I will name this Action as "Contrast and Saturation". 

4. Next, you want to click on the half circle icon at the bottom of the Layers box to create a new adjustment layer and select Brightness/Contrast. The Properties box will then be populated and you can adjust Brightness to 30 and Contrast to 15.

5. Next, you want to repeat the same step but select Hue/Saturation and increase the Saturation to 20. At this point, you can stop the recording by clicking on the square icon to the left of the red recording dot in the Actions box. This stops the recording and you can review and adjust the layers manually if you want. 

6. Once everything is to your liking, you can create a new Action to flatten the file so the file is a smaller size. I recommend creating the adjustment layers and the flatten action as separate actions so you have the ability to run the Contrast and Saturation Action and adjust manually before you run the second Action to flatten.

7. You create the Flatten Action by going to Layer > Flatten Image. You can stop the recording after this action and you Actions are set!

To run the Actions you created on other photos, you simply select the Action and press the play button once you have the file open. Hope this was helpful!